About us

PRO-T-CO is a French company. Our mission is to provide a range of innovative, patented products for oil-free uncasting to all construction actors.

Our Company:

Founded in 2014, the company pro|T|co has developed an innovative formwork uncasting process that eliminates the use of release agents while facilitating the production of high-end facings. With our R&D partners, we have developed an adhesive polymer stripping sheet that is applied directly to the formwork, molds and special formwork (steel, wood, etc.).

In 2017, we developed our solution and widened its field of application to the architectural concrete market, by offering a range of products for the production of concretes with fine digital matrices (pro|T|co graphic) and thermoformed matrices (pro|T|co form). With the development of a range of high-performance cleaners for our process (pro|T|co cleaner 3D and pro|T|co cleaner glue), we have designed solutions that are also optimal for cleaning all types of construction equipment (dumpster, concrete trucks, construction tools, etc.).

2018 marks the advent of pro|T|co magnetic, a magnetic fastening uncasting sheet for steel molds and formwork. This new system makes it possible to quickly equip and regenerate steel formwork faces.

Our Philosophy:

Developing innovative products for the construction market means offering process improvements that meet the economic requirements and needs of builders while providing innovative and different technical solutions. With this objective in mind, pro|T|co designs solutions that combine technical performance, aesthetics and competitiveness, while making an environmental and health aspect a point of honor.

Our products are aimed at the entire concrete construction/manufacturing sector (formwork manufacturers, material parks, prefabrication, architects, builders, etc.).